Meeting Times for Westside Church of Christ

Note: With the current COVID-19 concerns, we have significantly modified our services to ensure the safety of the congregation and visitors. Sunday morning services have been modified to ensure social distancing can be maintained by all. Bible classes on Sunday and Wednesday evening have been cancelled for the time being.

The elderly and those with underlying health conditions have been advised of the current situation and been encouraged to do what is best for their personal health. Our prayers are with the world during this challenging time.

We respectfully request that everyone wear masks throughout the service to protect each other and be as cautious as possible.

We meet every Sunday and Wednesday for worship and Bible classes for all ages.

Sunday Services:

Sunday Morning: Worship and Communion – 9:30am till 11:30am

Sunday Evening: Worship and Bible Class – 5:00pm till 6:00pm – Temporarily cancelled due to COVID-19 Concerns

Wednesday Services:

Worship and Bible Class – 7:00pm till 8:00pm – Temporarily cancelled due to COVID-19 Concerns

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!