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The New Testament Church

The word “church” in the New Testament is a collective noun that refers to people. In some verses, “church” may refer to all people worldwide who have obeyed the gospel, and thus belong to Christ.  Yet, in other verses the term refers to those Christians who have banded together in a local place to form an organization referred to as a local church.  Each local church is independent of every other such church.  Each congregation is organized alike, just as the Scriptures teach.  Churches of Christ have no universal organization and no earthly head.  Thus, each local church is an independent and self-governing organization under the oversight of a plurality of elders, where men meet scriptural qualifications.

History of Westside church of Christ

Westside came out of the old 5th and McKinley church in 1941. It was the result of a planned, friendly, decision by all parties to locate a new congregation on the west side of the city.  For a time, the church had to rent quarters for assemblies until a building could be erected.

Eventually, an adequate meeting place was built on the corner of 9th Avenue and Madison, which is now in the heart of downtown Phoenix. Robert F. Turner and Harry Pickup, Jr. were, successively, the local preachers in the mid forties to early fifties at that location.

Quickly outgrowing that building, it was eventually sold to a Catholic benevolent service that turned it into a “soup kitchen” for the indigent. It continues to be used for this purpose today.

In 1956, the church moved into a new building at 1606 W. Indian School Rd.  An auditorium was first constructed and later, a class-room wing.  The building was used effectively until 1985 when the property was sold to a realtor who renovated it to become an office building.  The congregation was again in rented quarters until the present building was finished.  The current auditorium will seat 250 with adequate classroom space and parking. Maurice Barnett, Tom Baker and Brian Faulkner have been the preachers at this location

The Westside church has always stood firmly on the verbal inspiration of the Bible as the Word of God; thus It is our only standard of authority. Westside is self-governing, resisting all modern innovations and institutions, errors and immoralities, while insisting on the godly living and spirituality of its members.  

Points of Contact

Our Evangelist is Brian Faulkner

We welcome any and all visitors to our public meetings.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!